Dental Aesthetics in Barcelona. 3 ways to improve your smile.

smile is your best presentation letter

When you smile at the person in front of you, the most powerful non-verbal communication we have is produced. It brings us closer, unites us, generates complicity, tranquility...

But there are many people who don't smile because they don't feel comfortable with the aesthetics of their mouth, and they hide it. Fortunately, this problem has a solution, three different solutions to be exact, that allow you to smile again, connect with others and feel happier.

Whitening Dental

It's a non-invasive treatment that removes stains from your teeth, reduces various shades of color to bring it closer to the white you want (yes, you can choose the shade you like best), and results in a cleaner, whiter, and brighter smile. brighter.

In this way you can eliminate both stains caused by external elements such as coffee, tea, tobacco, etc., as well as darkening due to age or genetics. All quickly, comfortably and at a very affordable price.

teeth whitening

Veneers porcelain

Veneers are thin sheets of porcelain that adhere to the teeth and allow you to modify their appearance if they are not to your liking due to their size, shape or color, leaving your mouth just as you wish.

They are used for aesthetics, to correct fractured, stained, worn, misaligned teeth, etc., and in addition to restoring their beauty, they provide more strength and stability to the natural enamel.

With an approximate thickness of between 0,8 and 1,5 millimeters, the veneers are made with the fusion of very thin ceramic porcelain sheets that shape the type of tooth you want to have, in a very natural, very personalized, very fast way. and not invasive.

porcelain veneers

Rehabilitation Aesthetics

If recovering your smile is more complex than whitening or veneers, which are simple procedures, don't worry because your case also has a solution: Aesthetic Rehabilitation.

This solution combines different dental disciplines that, in addition to veneers and whitening, includes dental prostheses, implants or orthodontics to restore your smile whatever your problem or need. 

It is not an immediate solution or as simple as the previous ones, but it allows you to enjoy the smile that you want.


Smile the letter

It is one of the great innovations in dental aesthetics in recent times that allows you to design and know what your smile will be like before doing any treatment.

Thanks to Digital Smile Design (DSD – Digital Smile Design), together with the dentist, you can create the smile that you like the most, the one that best suits your characteristics and your needs, and know what the final result will be before doing anything.

You can decide the size of the teeth, their shape, their color, their alignment... And thanks to a computer program and a combination of digital photographs, videos and measurements, a highly accurate model is generated in which you see what your smile will be like before to apply any aesthetic treatment: Whitening, Veneers or Rehabilitation.

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