Dental implants in one day in Barcelona.

The lack of a dental piece, in addition to being an aesthetic problem, has important health implications. But thanks to advances in the field, getting an implant today is faster, more comfortable, and less inconvenient than many people think.

At the Ahoa Clinic in Barcelona, ​​we have been performing this type of treatment for 20 years and we are specialized in immediate loading implantology. A technique in which in 6 hours you can already enjoy your fixed provisional teeth, which will improve your aesthetics, your health and your confidence from day one.

what is a dental implant?
Implantology in Barcelona

Dental implants are titanium devices that will act as artificial roots. They are implanted in the mandibular or maxillary bone, which creates a solid base for placing dental prostheses. Implants are the best substitute for lost or deteriorated natural teeth, they allow a total recovery and/or improvement of both aesthetics and functionality.

you recover the
functionality and aesthetics

You will be able to talk, eat and laugh normally

Improves self-esteem and social relationships

The dental implantology of immediate load

Immediate loading dental implantology is a rehabilitation treatment using dental implants in a single intervention, which we carry out in our Barcelona clinic. It allows you to enjoy new fixed teeth in just 24 hours, faster, more effectively and with less discomfort.

Immediate loading implantologyTraditional implantology
Intervention with immediate implants*Standard intervention
Fixed teeth in 6 hoursFixed teeth in 5 months
98,4% success rate**95% success rate***
Preservation of function and aestheticsCommitted transition period

*Immediate implant: the one that is placed at the time of tooth extraction
**According study of Dr. Cercadillo for full arch restorations
*** Source: American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons


The implantology process immediate load

First dayVisit and case study
Laboratory study.
At 15 daysIntervention
We extract the damaged teeth (if necessary) and place the implants in the same intervention.
In the 6 hFixed provisional teeth
We place the new fixed provisional teeth, with which you can eat, drink, speak and smile normally.
At 7 daysWe remove the points and perform a review
At 45 daysWe carry out a preventive review
At 3 monthsWe place the permanent teeth

What else can we do by you?


In case of missing teeth in a visible area of ​​the mouth, we carry out an aesthetic study through the digital design of the patient's smile. In this way, we value the need to improve aesthetics, not only of the teeth, but also of the gums. You will be able to see how your smile will look before performing the treatment!

Implantology of
full arcade

We can rehabilitate the absence of one tooth, several or all the upper and/or lower teeth. If the entire arch needs to be replaced, you may be a suitable candidate for an All-on-Four treatment: four implants are placed and then all the teeth in the arch are joined, hence the name 'all on four'.

Implantology with
lack of bone

Bone loss makes the insertion of dental implants more complex, but thanks to a 3D image reconstruction of the maxilla and virtual surgery we can place them in a safe and predictable way. We can also perform tissue regeneration, preservation or modeling.

virtual guided

Through the design of an individualized intraoral surgical template, we carry out the implants in a simple and effective way, without the need for incisions or stitches in the gum. With dental implantology with guided surgery we achieve a much faster recovery and almost no discomfort.

What do they think
our patients

youtube video

Marc suffered from dental panic ever since he was little. Because of that fear, he suffered from problems stemming from the lack of prevention and treatment.

Due to the general poor condition of his mouth, Marc required full-mouth immediate loading implantology.

What Marc valued the most was the psychological and human part. From the first visit he saw it possible, he felt confident and calm. During the procedure, he was amazed at how easy and fast everything was, without discomfort, and with perfect functionality the day after the intervention.

The change was very positive, both aesthetically and functionally, but what he is most grateful for is that this change was possible thanks to the tranquility and confidence that the team inspired in him.

More opinions

«I have an implant, which obviously I did not put in at the AHOA Clinic, since I was 12 years old, and as a matter of chance, it decided to fall out the day before yesterday in full confinement. I sent an email to the Ahoa Clinic and the same day they answered me to give me an appointment today in the morning and solve the problem. Professionalism and human quality is what I highlight about this clinic, where the best professionals treat you with the utmost care. I always recommend her.”

– Aitor Puerta

«The score is only five stars because it does not allow more… Highlight the professionalism, which is at the highest level, an incredible team of professionals, without exceptions. The staff makes you feel confident, calm, the fear of the dentist disappears, you know you are in the best hands. The constant information they give you about everything you need. The latest advances in treatment and what works best for you. The absolute concern for the well-being of the patient, the facilities that they offer you both in payment and in visiting hours. When you find professionals like that, you don't change…”

– Jorge Bernardi

«I arrived at the Ahoa Clinic with a lot of fear, medical things are beyond me. In addition, she was aware that she had let too much time go by without going to the dentist, and she had a mixture of fear and shame. But since I crossed the door the first day they have treated me very well, an unbeatable treatment, very familiar and pleasant. Since they knew I was afraid, on the first dates they played music for me in the consultations. Little by little they have made me feel safe, and I can say that I am no longer afraid of going to the dentist. I hope to continue many more years with them. Thank you for helping me overcome fear and have a healthier mouth. Do not think about it and ask for an appointment with them, you will not regret it.»

– Beautiful Monica

«Great team of professionals who exude a good atmosphere and who with their treatment earn your trust and your smile. I recommend 100%.»

– David Campos Callao

Our team
de implantology


Inaki Cercadillo

Specialist in Oral Surgery and Buccofacial Implantology


Alba Sanchez

Specialist in Oral Surgery and Buccofacial Implantology


Carolina Ciancio

Laboratory technique
and oral hygienist


Katmir Mendivil

Dental Hygienist

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dental implantology

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