joint treatment in Barcelona.

What is the joint treatment?

Many people suffer from disorders or pain in the muscles and/or temporomandibular joint. In some cases the symptoms are more frequent and cause headache, ear or facial pain, difficulty or discomfort when eating, sensitivity or blockage in the jaw, or difficulty opening and closing the mouth. Although the causes of this disorder are sometimes difficult to diagnose, at Ahoa we help you discover and treat the symptoms so that they do not pose a problem in your day-to-day life.

How does the joint treatment?

Diagnosis of the origin

We perform the necessary tests to determine the origin of the disorder, from dental evaluations to X-rays and MRIs.

Treatment of symptoms

Depending on the symptoms, we define the treatment to be followed, and we work with physiotherapists and osteopaths who complement it.

Follow-up and recommendations

We perform the necessary tests to determine the origin of the disorder, from dental evaluations to X-rays and MRIs.

relaxation and sedation

We perform the necessary tests to determine the origin of the disorder, from dental evaluations to X-rays and MRIs.

What do they think
our patients

«I have gone for caries problems, which in other places could not be resolved and new cavities always came out of "nowhere". In the first visit, the Dr. has made a complete assessment of the mouth, calmly and showing me all the teeth to treat and address the problem at the root. They have explained to me which teeth will be treated in each session and the time they will need. An excellent deal! Also the clinic is very nice. :)»

– Claudia HM

«I needed an urgent root canal treatment and I went to see Dra. Marta Sierra. Dr. Sierra was amazing. She spoke English, she is the kindest and most caring dentist I have ever met. She normally scares me about going to the dentist, but she made everything feel good. I relaxed and the root canal treatment was successful. And also the price was much cheaper than the other quotes I received, since I also got a mouth guard. I am very happy with the service and the final result, and I want to thank Dra. Marta Sierra for her kindness and professionalism. »

–Eddie Wong

“The experience in the clinic has been very good. I had to have two wisdom teeth removed and cleaned, and I was very scared by the experiences in other clinics. First point, the deal. Exceptional, for professionalism, kindness and empathy. Second point and for me spectacular, I did not feel any pain even with the cleaning, although I have a lot of sensitivity in the teeth, nor with the extractions. I have never had such a well done dental cleaning. 1000% recommended!!”

– Jordi Olcina

“After speaking with Dr. Cercadillo I knew that I was in the best hands. I went with a huge pain problem and thanks to the doctors at this center, great professionals, they managed to save my tooth without any pain, and my case was complex. I received exquisite attention and unparalleled humane treatment. Thanks for everything. I recommend it 100%.”

– Montse Santaularia

Our team
de dental health


Inaki Cercadillo

Specialist in Oral Surgery and Buccofacial Implantology


Alba Sanchez

Specialist in Oral Surgery and Buccofacial Implantology


Katmir Mendivil

Dental Hygienist


Montse Prieto

Physiotherapist specialized in TMJ

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