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What is the orthodontics?

Orthodontics corrects the position of the teeth and controls the growth of the jaws. A correct alignment of the teeth helps us maintain a good relationship between the arches and facial harmony. In addition, it allows us to perform better oral cleaning and reduce dental wear. But each person is a unique case. For this reason, we carry out a preliminary study to diagnose and set the most appropriate treatment plan.

You will be able to smile with confidence again

You recover the functionality of your mouth

Improves health and oral hygiene

How does the orthodontics?

We make a previous study to diagnose and set the most appropriate treatment plan.

We apply the latest techniques and materials, such as Invisible orthodontics, to minimize discomfort during treatment.

We not only correct the dental position, we look for the causes of the problem.

You can make a correct oral cleaning, which contributes to better oral hygiene and well-preserved periodontal health.

You will avoid joint overload, common in people with an incorrect occlusion.

A correct position of the teeth translates into a good relationship between the arches and the face harmony.

Invisible braces with Invisalign®
What is it and how it works?

One of the most visible features of a beautiful and healthy smile is the correct alignment of the teeth. But sometimes, whether due to genetics, parafunctional habits (such as thumb sucking) during growth, or even injury or disease, the teeth drift from their correct position, crowding, misaligning, or creating gaps between them.

Until a while ago, many people, especially in adulthood, were reluctant to wear orthodontics due to the aesthetic and functional discomfort it entails. However, treatment with invisible orthodontics, better known by the Invisalign® trademark, allows correcting teeth position defects in a more comfortable and discreet way.

What is invisible orthodontics?

Advantages of invisible orthodontics

12 Frequently Asked Questions About Invisible Orthodontics

Invisalign Infographic

What is invisible orthodontics?

It is a treatment to correct the malposition of the teeth with transparent and removable aligners. One of its main advantages is that, unlike orthodontics with brackets, the device does not have any metallic components, making it practically invisible, at a social distance of 1,5 m, and much more discreet and comfortable to wear.

Invisible orthodontic aligners are modified approximately every two weeks, as the teeth move towards their correct position, and their use is recommended over 22 hours a day. This means that the patient can remove the device to eat, for a meeting... However, they must be constant and not remove the device excessively for the treatment to be effective. That is, the longer it takes, the shorter the overall treatment will last.

Advantages of invisible orthodontics

The fact of having a correct dental alignment allows us to perform better hygiene, avoid periodontal diseases and have a better functionality of the mouth.

But, what specific advantages does orthodontics with Invisalign® have over traditional orthodontic treatments such as braces?

  • Treatment is more comfortable: The devices are not visible, so it does not affect our aesthetics, and we can eat, speak and smile with more security and confidence during the treatment.
  • They are removable: We can take them off to eat, so we have no restrictions on any food or drink.
  • Allow for better hygiene: When removing to eat, we can wash the appliances and perform better oral hygiene after eating and before putting them back, something that is essential. On the other hand, in the brackets it is more difficult to remove the remains of food that may remain.
  • They do not cause minor injuries or sores, as could happen with metal brackets.
  • It is a painless treatment, since the pressure exerted by the device to correct the position of the teeth is light and controlled.

12 Frequently Asked Questions About Invisible Orthodontics

Does invisible orthodontics give the same result as normal orthodontic treatment?

Yes, this treatment offers excellent results. Currently, it is the option chosen by more professionals and patients. The final result achieved is the same, as long as the professional's instructions are followed and the aligners are worn for the indicated daily time.

How long does invisible orthodontic treatment last?

The treatment time with invisible orthodontics can sometimes be somewhat higher than that of traditional orthodontics. This is because the final phase of any orthodontic treatment, called refinement, is somewhat slower with aligner systems.

Can it be applied in all cases that need orthodontics?

As a general rule, this treatment can be used for any dental malposition problem, such as crowding, excessive separation, overbite, crossbite... In other words, it is used both for minor corrections and to treat more complex cases.

Is invisible braces painful?

The objective of orthodontic treatments is to return the teeth to their natural position, so it is normal to feel some slight discomfort or a sensation of pressure during the first days of each treatment phase, which disappear immediately. These discomforts can be perceived in both traditional and invisible orthodontics, since they are a consequence of the teeth being repositioned.

Are the results of invisible orthodontics long-lasting?

Yes, the results of an orthodontic treatment can be definitive, although it will be the orthodontist who tells us what other actions we must carry out so that the treatment is complete and does not reverse, such as wearing a retainer for a time, which prevents repositioned teeth return to their pre-treatment position.

Is invisible orthodontics more expensive than traditional?

Yes, it usually costs between 40% and 60% higher compared to conventional metal brackets. However, it is still the most chosen option for its functional and aesthetic comfort.

Can the aligners be removed whenever you want?

Yes, in fact, one of the advantages of this treatment is that the aligners can be removed to eat or, for example, if we have an important meeting or social event. However, we must bear in mind that if we do not wear the aligners for at least 20 hours a day, the treatment will not be effective, and it will take longer.

Can I eat and drink normally if I wear invisible braces?

Yes, since the aligners can be removed to eat or drink, so they do not bother or retain food remains, as happens with braces. It is important to carry out proper oral hygiene after each meal and to replace the aligners as soon as possible.

Can I speak normally if I wear invisible braces?

In general, aligners do not affect the way you speak at all. There is simply an initial period of adaptation, during which we can have a feeling of strangeness due to the fact of having a foreign object in the mouth. However, this sensation disappears in a few days, as we get used to the aligners.

Can invisible orthodontics be used in children?

Yes, it is common to correct malposition problems during childhood, either with braces or invisible orthodontics. It must be taken into account that, in the latter, the aligners are removable, so we must ensure that the child is responsible and wears them the minimum number of hours per day indicated. In any case, it should be the professional who indicates the most appropriate treatment for each patient.

Does invisible orthodontics need special care?

The two main precautions that must be taken with invisible orthodontics are, on the one hand, wearing the aligners for the minimum number of hours per day indicated by our dentist, and on the other, performing correct oral hygiene after each meal and before re-inserting them. the aligners. The professional who carries out the treatment will tell us if any other special care needs to be taken.

Can I wear invisible braces if I have periodontal disease?

Before performing any orthodontic treatment, it is advisable to have the disease under control. It will be the specialist who tells us what previous treatment must be carried out in case of periodontal disease, if it is advisable to do orthodontics, and what extra care we must take into account. Call us to make an appointment with our specialist and we will give you all the information in a single visit so that you can start your orthodontic treatment.

What do they think
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Since she was seven years old, Margarita suffered from many oral problems, such as a cover that did not fit, implants that did not work well... The solution in her case was to carry out immediate loading implantology in the entire upper part of the mouth.

Margarita needed to interact with many people in her day-to-day life, and her dental problems had caused her great insecurity when it came to laughing, talking, eating... For this reason, for her, the great change has been the self-confidence that she now has , beyond functionality and aesthetics.

In addition, she appreciates that the explanations were clear, and that the procedure was carried out in an almost imperceptible way for her, thanks to conscious sedation.

More opinions

«I have undergone a long and very demanding treatment and the result is excellent, I would say unbeatable. I am very happy to have trusted this wonderful team that cares more than oneself about solving the problem at hand and that makes you feel at home. Very high professional level.”

– Lurdes R. Basoli

«I don't usually write reviews, but the Ahoa Clinic is for me one of the best discoveries. My experience has been unbeatable, both from a professional and human point of view. From the moment you set foot in the clinic you feel... literally in good hands, each of the people who make up your team transmits trust, empathy, security and good vibes. If you add that they do an excellent job, I wouldn't know what else to ask for. Thank you to the entire team for making my experience so enjoyable, and for an amazing job!”

– Maria N.

“I have a permanent disability and many health restrictions. With this clinical picture I was very scared to go to the dentist, but both at the reception, as well as the technicians and the doctors, they are not only highly professional, but also incredibly nice. His understanding and kindness is undoubtedly as spontaneous as it is natural. I've never had a better clinical experience, and I've been to a lot of doctors."

– Beatrice Alonso

“The best experience I have had in my life in terms of dentists. Extremely professional, capable and prepared.”

–George Vermenton

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