Teeth whitening in Barcelona. Enjoy your smile again.

What is the teeth whitening?

It is a treatment that allows you to reduce the color of your teeth by several shades, eliminating stains and the unsightly yellowish color. Teeth whitening helps you achieve a whiter, more radiant smile.

Whiter, stain-free teeth

Safe and long-lasting treatment

You will be able to smile with confidence again

How does the teeth whitening?

Tratamientos con hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide.

pre-polishing of stains with silica oxide microparticles.

We protect the mucous membranes of the mouth during treatment.

Minimal tooth sensitivity, which disappears in a maximum of 72 h.

Tips for whitening to last maximum time possible.

We apply enamel remineralization techniques that reduce sensitivity.

What do they think
our patients

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Miguel Ángel had problems with two of his incisors, since due to periodontitis the pieces presented mobility and risk of loss.

The solution was two immediate loading implants in the affected teeth.

What Miguel Ángel values ​​most is the fact that he does not remember that they are implants, they have adapted as perfectly as any of his own teeth.

Although at first he had reluctance, the change has meant gaining confidence and security, so he would do it again without thinking about it.

More opinions

«I have removed two wisdom teeth and I have had a cleaning, I am delighted. Staff a 10, they treat you great. Going to the dentist has always scared me, but they give you a lot of confidence.”

– Mireia Monterrubio

“I did not feel comfortable with my covers and I went to the AHOA clinic to get their opinion. Right now I am in the middle of the treatment in which, in addition to replacing the covers, they are improving the fibers of the gum. I couldn't be happier with the result I'm seeing over the weeks. In addition, the treatment of the staff and, especially of Dr. Forero, who is treating me, is excellent. They are very attentive and adapt to my needs at all times.”

– Blanca Oltra Almiñana

“The clinic itself is spacious, bright, pretty, clean and very well maintained. The staff is very attentive and friendly, from the reception to the management, through the professionals who serve you. I am very careful with health issues, and that makes me very demanding with things like looking for a dentist. Without a doubt, this clinic has earned my trust. They have given me the best and most complete cleaning I have received in my life, always with patience, kindness and explaining everything necessary at all times (in addition, the dental hygienist has explained several techniques to improve the use of dental floss) . In addition, they have explained to me perfectly what is happening to my wisdom teeth (which had been worrying me for a while) and what is the procedure, step by step, to follow to solve the problem. I have no doubt that I will put myself in your hands to continue this treatment.”

– Gabriel Rodriguez Fernandez

“Excellent service and practically family atmosphere. The entire team is of exceptional professionalism and the services provided are 10. The clinic and the material are super new and of great quality. Super recommended.”

–Alexis Costa

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