Drainage of dental infections in Barcelona.

Analysis and complete treatments

Sometimes a cavity, or a damaged tooth or gum, can lead to a bacterial infection. This infection, if not treated in time, leads to an abscess that must be drained to avoid major complications. At Ahoa we treat the root problem, not just the infection and its consequences. We look for the origin that causes it to avoid future complications.

How do the dental extractions?

Rapid intervention

Speed ​​is key in the treatment of infections and abscesses, to avoid complications and more invasive interventions.

Microbiological analysis

It allows us to identify the bacteria that have caused the infection, and choose the most appropriate antibiotic to eliminate the bacteria or bacteria involved.

Follow-up and recommendations

After the extraction, we carry out a follow-up, and we provide you with advice to avoid derived problems.

relaxation and sedation

We apply techniques that reduce fear and anxiety, and even induce relaxation by conscious sedation if necessary.

What do they think
our patients

«From the time I have been visiting this clinic, I have the feeling that it is one of the dental clinics where you are received with the most professionalism and good treatment. I think it's worth traveling 40 km so that my mouth is in the hands of the best. I recommend everyone who wants to get the best results in their mouth to visit AHOA dental clinic, they are great!”

– Sergio Diaz Onate

«I have been with Ahoa for 2 years and I am very happy with the service they offer (friendly, clean, punctual…). I like it because they are sincere and tell you things as they are. I have taken my son for the first time, they have been super patient with him (he is a bit fidgety) and they have achieved the impossible... that he be quiet, that he allows himself to be visited and that he wants to return for the treatment he must receive. What peace of mind to go to such a professional dentist clinic.”

– Josep Maria Jauma

“After too many bad experiences with dentists, Dr. Cercadillo has given me back the confidence to smile. I live abroad and fly to Barcelona only because of the fantastic team at Clínica Ahoa. Without a doubt, 100% confidence and recommendation!

– Marta Quevedo Herrero

“Great doctors and professionals. The sincerity and quality is what attracts me most to this clinic and that is why I return to them when I need to treat my teeth. I like that they use the most modern techniques, innovate and seek to do the best for the patient. Many thanks to Iñaki and his team! »

– Alexander P.

Our team
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Inaki Cercadillo

Specialist in Oral Surgery and Buccofacial Implantology


Alba Sanchez

Specialist in Oral Surgery and Buccofacial Implantology


Carolina Ciancio

Laboratory technique
and oral hygienist


Katmir Mendivil

Dental Hygienist

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